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On this page, you will get MPSC notes in the written form and in pdf form also, You can download mpsc study material easily by just scrolling on this website.

These notes will be helpful for all the mpsc exams.MPSC Toppers have also said that making notes helps you for revision. 

If you want an mpsc booklist by toppers in the form of pdf, check this article MPSC Booklist by toppers 

You will get MPSC economics handwritten notes and information in Marathi

and MPSC polity notes in Marathi and will update more.

[ Note: These notes can really help you, but I would suggest you make your own notes from authentic references and the Internet. Because when you will do it on your own, then surely you will better understand them. You can get an idea from notes made by me. ]

Why Reading notes is important?

The syllabus of all the competitive examinations is very large and we have to read lengthy books. In our preparation, we also have to revise them for a better understanding of concepts. But due to the large size and a large number of pages, it's not even possible to revise them in very little time. That's why Notes are important, we take notes of topics we can easily go through the concepts and revise in less time.

MPSC notes handwritten free pdf Download

Below I am providing subject-wise notes which you can use for your studies.

Study Material

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Economics [अर्थशास्त्र]


Polity [राज्यशास्त्र]


History [इतिहास]


Geography [भूगोल]


Marathi Grammar [मराठी व्याकरण]


English Grammar [इंग्रजी व्याकरण]


(Will update the above links soon)