मराठी व्याकरण - महाराष्ट्रातील सर्व परीक्षांसाठी उपयुक्त [Marathi Grammar]

Marathi Grammar is essential to learn for various exams in the state of Maharashtra. It has a lot of importance in our schools and colleges. That's why I am providing Marathi grammar मराठी व्याकरण pdf of all topics in Marathi. In MPSC exams a separate paper is conducted for Marathi grammar. That's why we must study with the proper approach. We will practice Marathi grammar in various questions and topics like - Marathi grammar Naam, Marathi grammar alankar, Marathi grammar visheshan, Marathi grammar avyay, and all other Marathi grammar topics.

Balasaheb Shinde Marathi Grammar Book PDF Download & Mo ra Valambe Marathi Grammar book PDF Download

If you are preparing for MPSC exams, then you must have heard about Balasaheb Shinde Marathi's grammar book, Marathi Grammar Mo ra Walimbe's book. People also search on the internet that 'Marathi grammar Balasaheb Shinde book pdf download' and 'Marathi grammar Mo ra Valimbe book pdf download'. 

But see, Authors, do a lot of research on writing their own material. The respected authors/writers have all the copyright of their book. It is illegal to share pdfs of books. So, instead of finding pdf, you must buy books from any store, or else you have an option to buy them online via Amazon or Flipkart. I am providing some amazon links to those two books.
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Marathi Grammar All topics notes with pdf (संपूर्ण मराठी व्याकरण - PDF सहित )

Below I am providing Marathi Grammar topics names and you will get a detailed post of any respected topic by clicking on the Name of the topic. [ मराठीत सांगतो : ) - खाली मराठी व्याकरणाचे टॉपिक चे नावे दिली आहेत, प्रत्येक टॉपिक वर क्लिक केल्यानंतर त्याविषयी अधिक माहिती तुम्हाला मिळेल. ]

Marathi Grammar Topics

1] Marathi Varnmala [ मराठी वर्णमाला ]

2] Marathi Grammar Shabdanchya jati [ शब्दांच्या जाती ]

3] Marathi Vyakaran Sandhi  [ संधि ]

  • स्वरसंधी 
  • व्यंजनसंधी 

4] Marathi Grammar ling [ लिंग ]

5] Marathi  Grammar vachan [ वचन ]

6] Marathi Grammar Vibhakti [ विभक्ती ]

7]Marathi Grammar Prayog [ प्रयोग ]

8]Marathi Grammar Samaas [ समास ]

9] Marathi Grammar Alankar [ भाषेचे अलंकार ]

10] Marathi vyakaran vakprachar arth [ मराठी व्याकरण वाक्प्रचार अर्थ ]

11] Marathi Vyakaran mhani [ म्हणी ]

Thanks for visiting our MPSC point site. You can use the above-given topics for any examination which has a Marathi subject.

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Common FAQ

Which Marathi Grammar book is best for MPSC?

you have two options. One is mo ra valambe and the other one is Balasaheb shinde. Both books are much enough for Marathi.

Where will I get Marathi Grammar all topic notes?

You will get these notes on mpscpoint.in site.

Is Marathi's grammar easy?

If you prepare it well it is very very easy.